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Easy to read and oversee for anyone who isn’t the creator of the code. If it’s easy to understand, it’s much easier to maintain and extend the code. Not just computers, but also humans need to understand it.


The best thing is when the code is self-explaining, but it’s always recommended to add comments to the code to explain its role and functions. It makes it much easier for anyone who didn’t take part in writing the code to understand and maintain it.


A high-quality code isn’t overcomplicated. Anyone working with the code has to understand the whole context of the code if they want to make any changes.


The less bug the code has the higher its quality is. Thorough testing filters out critical bugs ensuring that the software works the way it’s intended.

Our Screening Process

1. Language & Attitude

The first step in the screening process is testing how well the candidate speaks English. We test to see how enthusiastic and passionate they are about their work. This is done by asking the candidate to describe us their past work, so we can listen to the level of detail and challenges they faced in the past.

2. Fast, Redundant Internet

Having a solid internet connection and a good microphone is extremely important. We want you to clearly be able to hear your freelancer and share screens without internet interruptions or lag.

3. Proven Experience

After the candidate has passed the first 2 tests, we set up a screen sharing and have the candidate explain to use what their code does. Some of the things we look for is code organization, comments other programmers can understand, reusable code, and functions that are not outdated.

4. Test Project

Then we give the candidate a broken plugin with really bad code. We check to see how well they can solve problems. Other things we look for is how they rewrote the code and the level of detail they pay attention to when fixing up the plugin.

5. Continued Excellence

Once they reach this level, and not many of them do, we monitor their work and ensure that they meet task deadlines and constantly keep you in the loop of their progress. At WPhire, continued excellence is the root of our culture.

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Founded by Eldan Shkolnikov, a senior developer who has worked with freelancers for over 10 years.

"When I had a problem with a WordPress plugin, I turned to WPHire for help."
— Kevin Knauss, CEO of Kevin Knauss Health & Life Insurance

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